Antares command-line options

This is a summary of the command-line options available in Antares version 1.1.

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Copying and Moving

antares cp source destination [-x pattern] [-r] [-g] [-t0][-t1] [-oa] [other general options]
antares mv source destination [-x pattern] [-r] [-g] [-t0][-t1] [-oa] [other general options]

Copies (cp) or moves (mv) the specified files and/or folders from the source to the destination. Optionally, exclude files of a certain pattern [-x pattern], recurse into subdirectories [-r], show the GUI [-g], set turbo mode off or on [-t0] [-t1], or force existing files to be overwritten [-oa].

Note: if you use neither the -t0 or -t1 option, then the turbo mode setting from the GUI will be used.


antares cp *.rec tf:\DataFiles\ Copy all REC files from the current directory to the Topfield's DataFiles folder. Do not recurse subdirectories.
2) antares cp *.rec tf:\DataFiles Same as above!  (trailing backslashes on destination folder have no effect)
antares cp .\*.rec DataFiles
Same as above!  (a path starting with a dot is always assumed to be on the PC, so the other path is assumed to refer to the PVR -- hence the  tf:\ can be omitted in this variant)
antares cp DataFiles\*.rec . -r Copy all REC files from the PVR's DataFiles directory (including from subdirectories) to the PC.
antares cp ProgramFiles C:\topfield
Copy the entire ProgramFiles directory and its contents to c:\topfield\.  (Directory recursion is automatically enabled when the source path specifies a directory name).

NB: tf:\ can again be omitted from the PVR path because the destination path clearly refers to the PC.

NB: A directory C:\topfield\ProgramFiles\ will be created, and the transferred files and folders will be placed there.
antares cp ProgramFiles\* C:\topfield -r Similar to the above, except that the files and folders from ProgramFiles will be copied into C:\topfield\ instead of C:\topfield\ProgramFiles\.
antares cp ProgramFiles . -x *.tmp;*.del
Copy the PVR's ProgramFiles directory (and all its contents) to the current directory, but skip any file that matches the patterns *.tmp or *.del
antares cp Datafiles\GoodMovie.rec .
File not found! Directory names on the PVR are case sensitive, so Datafiles will not be found.

Current limitations:

Deleting files and folders

antares rm path [-x pattern] [-r] [-f] [other general options]

Deletes files or folders from the PVR or PC. The -x and -r options work the same as for copying & moving.

If the command will cause more than one file to be deleted, Antares will display a prompt to confirm that you wish to proceed. The -f option forces Antares to delete files without prompting.


antares rm tf:\*.tmp -r Delete all files matching the pattern *.tmp in any folder on the PVR. If there is more than one such file, prompt first.

Displaying programme descriptions

antares info path [-x pattern] [-r] [-t0][-t1] [-csv] [other general options]

Displays the programme descriptions of files stored on your PVR or PC. Optionally formats the output as a "CSV" file [-csv] suitable for loading into a spreadsheet program. The options -x, -r, -t0, and -t1 work the same as for copying & moving.

You can save the output to a file by the usual method of redirecting command-line output (using the symbol ">").

antares info tf:\DataFiles\f*.rec Displays the programme descriptions of all .rec files starting with the letter "f" in the DataFiles directory of the PVR.
antares info tf:\* -r -csv > mypvr.csv Creates a CSV file containing the descriptions of all recorded programmes on the PVR.

In the first example above, the output will look like this:
[\DataFiles\Foreign Correspondent.rec]
Foreign Correspondent (ABC1)
Tue 20/03/2012, 20:00 - 20:30 (0:30)
It's been closed to outside scrutiny for years - once the richest country in
Asia and now one of the poorest, a byword for repression, censorship and
conflict. But suddenly, Burma has lifted the curtain.

[\DataFiles\Folk Music at Newport 1963-66.rec]
Folk Music At Newport 1963-66 (ABC2)
Sun 1/02/2009, 21:23 - 23:02 (1:39)
Murray Lerner's film Festival! is a cinematic synthesis of 4 Newport Folk
Festivals from 1963-66. Featuring Bob Dylan's notorious first 'electric' live
performances; and other greats including Joan Baez & Johnny Cash

Futurama (SC TEN)
Wed 26/11/2008, 20:00 - 20:30 (0:30)
When an enormous tentacle wielding alien takes over Earth, it manipulates Fry
into using religion as a means to convince all of Earth's human inhabitants to
abandon the planet and inhabit instead in a pseudo-heaven with the Alien.

General options

antares [-pid pid]

The -pid option can be used either on its own or in combination with a copy or move command. It instructs Antares to only connect to a PVR having the specified USB product ID ("pid"). This may be useful if you have more than one PVR attached at the same time and you have used firmware patches to alter the product ID of one of them.


antares -pid 1000 Connect only to a PVR that has the standard Topfield product ID. That is, a "Topfield First Device".
antares -pid 1100 Connect only to a PVR that has the alternate product ID, 1100. That is, a "Topfield Second Device", i.e., a PVR that has had R2-D2's "Us" and/or "Up" firmware patch applied.


To cancel a command-line transfer, press the ESC key. Alternatively, Ctrl-C can be used to immediately and forcefully quit Antares (but you probably shouldn't do that unless you really need to).